Who We Are

Opti-Learn is a learning centre specialising in providing a learning environment for students that find it difficult coping in the mainstream schooling arena. Students from grade 1 to 12 experiencing a broad range of learning difficulties, all find a home at Opti-Learn. Since 2007 Opti-Learn has successfully tutored students with profiles ranging from attention deficit and school related anxiety to students diagnosed as high functioning on the autistic spectrum.

At Opti-Learn we understand that every student has a unique profile that requires exclusive attention and interventions. We pride ourselves in applying a model that allows every student the benefit of a small learning environment and the ready availability of a tutor to address any academic, social and /or emotional discomfort being experienced.

The Opti-Learn culture focuses on inclusion, teamwork, is process orientated and strives to build a learning community comprising students, parents/guardians and tutors– all working together to further the optimising of every student’s true learning potential.

Tutoring services, are offered in English and Afrikaans and include:

Morning classes from 08h00 – 13h30 (Mo to Fri)

Individualised afternoon classes/Extra lessons from 14h00 (Mo to Fri)

Aftercare and Homework program from 14h00 to 17h00 (Mo to Fri)

Test and exam writing facilities

Concessions and accommodation during tests and exams (reader, scribe, extra time)

Reading, writing and numeracy interventions

Developing study methods, exam writing, organisational and time management skills.

Regular feedback and interaction with parents/guardians